3rd Eye Mechanics - Best of LoL Streams #1094

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Karasmai with the 3rd Eye Mechanics
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► Credits:
Riot Games: www.twitch.tv/riotgames
GrossGore: www.twitch.tv/grossie_gore
LL Stylish: www.twitch.tv/llstylish
Trick2g: www.twitch.tv/trick2g
Tyler1: www.twitch.tv/loltyler1
Karasmai: www.twitch.tv/karasmai
Sanchovies: www.twitch.tv/sanchovies
Bobqin: www.twitch.tv/bobqinxd
Hai: www.twitch.tv/simplyhai
Alicopter: www.twitch.tv/alicopter
Dekar: www.twitch.tv/dekar173
Hicallmespoon: www.twitch.tv/hicallmespoon
Lacerration: www.twitch.tv/lacerration
Lirdaaa: www.twitch.tv/lirdaaa
Jurassiq: www.twitch.tv/jurassiq
Drututt: www.twitch.tv/drututt
Riste: www.twitch.tv/riste
GeneralSniperNA: www.twitch.tv/generalsniperna
LegitKorea: www.twitch.tv/legitkorea
Quantum: www.twitch.tv/quantum
Simplyhai: www.twitch.tv/simplyhai
Taberni: www.twitch.tv/taberni
Knok1zygis: www.twitch.tv/knok1zygis

0:00 Karasmai
0:29 Tyler1
0:47 Sanchovies
1:05 Quantum
1:20 Bobqin
1:43 LL Stylish
2:01 GrossGore
2:29 ?
2:44 Simplyhai
2:57 Jurassiq
3:12 Quantum
3:24 Tyler1
3:40 LL Stylish
4:12 LegitKorea
4:35 Lacerration
4:54 Taberni
5:12 GeneralSniperNA
5:44 Drututt
5:54 Riste
6:13 Knok1zygis
6:28 GrossGore
6:46 Sanchovies
7:15 Hicallmespoon
7:36 Tyler1
7:54 Lirdaaa
8:11 Alicopter
8:45 GrossGore
9:29 Dekar
9:46 Trick2g
10:20 Tyler1

Intro by Angrydonat: angrydonat.deviantart.com/art...
Outro song: Battletoads by Tiero
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Xalid Aram
Xalid Aram Пре 21 дан
: )
yes. h.
yes. h. Пре 21 дан
Dacko Argéspita
Dacko Argéspita Пре 21 дан
4:09 when you are the anime protagonist and you hear your main theme
Josias Mangussi
Josias Mangussi Пре 21 дан
Who are u?
Liam Пре 21 дан
opaaa Algahawy
opaaa Algahawy Пре 21 дан
Apfers Пре 15 дана
4:09 when people aren't dancing and screaming enough at your new year's party
Monkey D. Zubra
Monkey D. Zubra Пре 18 дана
This twisted fate one trick is idiot and cant play. He has viewers? World Wake up
H4MMY Пре 19 дана
2:24 When I get my exam grade back
TheMACHOnacho83 Пре 19 дана
This video is sponsored by bang... 4:10
Billy The Goat
Billy The Goat Пре 19 дана
4:03 when NRG is throwing a competitive match.
Martynas M420M
Martynas M420M Пре 19 дана
knockzygis lets go baby
Ugandan Jamal
Ugandan Jamal Пре 19 дана
4:52 when u find a pen
Jon Kim
Jon Kim Пре 19 дана
4:09 me after 5 cans of redbull
GINGA Пре 19 дана
Where are the Irelia nerfs tho
Mix Master Mike
Mix Master Mike Пре 19 дана
... thoght these were outplays or something. guess its just some more stereamer bs
andre carpenfelt
andre carpenfelt Пре 19 дана
no adc pog plays? i guess the adc role really is garbage then
I have No name
I have No name Пре 19 дана
3...2...0... ?????
SoM Пре 20 дана
00FireFlyer00 Пре 20 дана
10:17 hahaha shaco dropping a "lata bitch" at the end xD
KlappeHalten HD
KlappeHalten HD Пре 20 дана
Kirk: Scotty, 4:09!
Unicorn d0p3
Unicorn d0p3 Пре 20 дана
why is dekar clips here, he is literally playing in bronze?
Brand Stelle
Brand Stelle Пре 20 дана
0:40 this is why I’m afraid to ask for directions
wroan Пре 20 дана
1:25 the quiet kid when provoked
wroan Пре 20 дана
0:40 pennywise killing the kid while looking straight at the camera
memikrija Пре 20 дана
dekar playing below diamond as per usual and talking shit
Bence Bajnáczki
Bence Bajnáczki Пре 20 дана
4:09 every energy drink commercial.
Alexandru Ichim
Alexandru Ichim Пре 20 дана
4:09 when you try and get the last rep at gym
Emrecan Şeker
Emrecan Şeker Пре 20 дана
4:09 me high as fuck crying over my spilled Red Bull
Po Prostu Przemek
Po Prostu Przemek Пре 20 дана
10:32 catJam
Arn Try
Arn Try Пре 20 дана
4:03 they need that for an energy drink ad
Myles Daigle
Myles Daigle Пре 20 дана
4:50 when you dropped your pen on the ground and the teacher picks it up
Arek Пре 20 дана
This guy just transform into master yi
dildo frituurpan
dildo frituurpan Пре 20 дана
4:09 when 15-year old schoolboys enter the supermarket for a beverage
Lukas Пре 20 дана
Can we please for once show a good play of Gross Gore, I actually feel bad for him..
Matt Taylor
Matt Taylor Пре 20 дана
I'm finna have 18 wifes
Wild Dogy
Wild Dogy Пре 20 дана
Quantum saying daddy hits different
Kevin Nguyen
Kevin Nguyen Пре 20 дана
Why is there so many shitty attempts at making memes on every video
Ph Пре 20 дана
When my crush says me "hi" on 4:08
Xenon Xin
Xenon Xin Пре 20 дана
best moment 5:37 "SYNAPSE"
Umbra Witch
Umbra Witch Пре 20 дана
5:25 drowning
Umbra Witch
Umbra Witch Пре 20 дана
4:09 goku transforming into saiyan
Umbra Witch
Umbra Witch Пре 20 дана
1:26 me in the toilet
Umbra Witch
Umbra Witch Пре 20 дана
No one: Literally just no one: 0:41 an anime character once loses mind
KenjiTheSnek Пре 20 дана
1:25 grossgore’s brain revving its engines
Just Guz
Just Guz Пре 20 дана
0:43 Pennywise looking for dem kids
Neopolitan Пре 20 дана
0:26 This dude out here with three eyes and my teammates don't even have one eye
Unhappy_ Пре 20 дана
0:58 Snooping through groceries that my mom just bought
Lord of Potatoes
Lord of Potatoes Пре 21 дан
That one boy scout really desperate to get the "Search and Rescue" badge: 0:39
Nick Velasquez
Nick Velasquez Пре 21 дан
4:09 Elon Musk talking to stock holders
Bradley Lintz
Bradley Lintz Пре 21 дан
0:40 my cat when I wake up and haven't fed him
Fr0stXer0 0
Fr0stXer0 0 Пре 21 дан
What song is that from the last clip?
Plague Doctor
Plague Doctor Пре 21 дан
Randuin’s Exhaust Morde is pretty fun, imagine Ulting their adc, stealing 10% of their stats, using Randuin’s to reduce their ad and crit damage, and exhausting them to reduce their damage dealt xD
2Ddude Пре 21 дан
4:09 when the G fuel kicks in
Aiden Burch
Aiden Burch Пре 21 дан
T1 you fucking lost bro... thats why mom says no talking to strangers
Jeffrey Пре 21 дан
1:18 cringe
Mathias Пре 21 дан
What's worse; GG's TF or T1's freestyle?
rayvin888 Пре 21 дан
0:39 when a kid walks up to me at the park and tries to go on the slide i am on
Samuel Пре 21 дан
Lack of baus getting pretty sus
Ron Jozef Cuyos
Ron Jozef Cuyos Пре 21 дан
0:40 kids when you have games on your phone
Jandale Columbano
Jandale Columbano Пре 21 дан
0:40 anime character before they go berserk
Lopa Hollandeze
Lopa Hollandeze Пре 21 дан
00:30 if Massimo from 365 days was into dudes :p
Christian Olsson
Christian Olsson Пре 21 дан
The Kayn main guy should fall head first into a round saw Kayn players are the scum of the world, worse than rapist, pedophiles and murderers
Alejandrohe08 Пре 21 дан
4:52 when I drop my pen
Callum Darby
Callum Darby Пре 21 дан
POGGERS Dekar playing against bronze players POGGERS
Mewenn Brissonneau
Mewenn Brissonneau Пре 21 дан
4:08 Goku charging up his genkidama asking for help
jake fawcett
jake fawcett Пре 21 дан
7:45 when you break something and wait to hear if your parents heard it
Dragon Of desteny
Dragon Of desteny Пре 21 дан
grossie youre wrong im worse
Kapetanios Lolerios
Kapetanios Lolerios Пре 21 дан
4:09 me after drinking an energy drink
Svend Kristensen
Svend Kristensen Пре 21 дан
- When u are all out of energi-drink, and have 3 more games 2 go. 4:03
Sergio Venerelli
Sergio Venerelli Пре 21 дан
4:08 new Redbull commercial be like
reece sossa
reece sossa Пре 21 дан
0:40 anime characters before they go insane
Alex Dreon
Alex Dreon Пре 21 дан
5:24 literally LL Stylish
Jeremy Toreteo
Jeremy Toreteo Пре 21 дан
0:42 that one titan on aot
Alex Dreon
Alex Dreon Пре 21 дан
4:08 when you're following workout videos in lockdown
Andrew Upton
Andrew Upton Пре 21 дан
Lol why is that Leblanc play even cool? It’s like every standard Leblanc lane ever 2:43
Moody Soul
Moody Soul Пре 21 дан
1:01 when you promised yourself that you'll be playing hard-to-get but a realy hot girl starts flirting with you
DreadedCOW Пре 21 дан
1:25 2012 Honda Civics going down the highway at 2 in the morning
Carlo Paciucci
Carlo Paciucci Пре 21 дан
10:33 song?
Rigged Пре 21 дан
when you just woke up and online class started 10 minutes ago 4:03
NPJosue Пре 21 дан
Goku whe hes trying to male a spirit bomb 4:10
Narkuno Пре 21 дан
5:44 , people with laptops , well i gotta buy the monitor
Gen LL
Gen LL Пре 21 дан
4:04 Me trying to send my homework with 2% battery
BrotherBill Пре 21 дан
04:04 Me when I wake up every morning
Ian Robinson
Ian Robinson Пре 21 дан
4:52 when someone asks to borrow my pen but doesn't give it back.
Dawid Smółka
Dawid Smółka Пре 21 дан
4:09 when u drink too much coffee
Giorgio Pession Borghi
Giorgio Pession Borghi Пре 21 дан
1:14 When i pay for my friend’s food
Filippo Пре 21 дан
4:04 when you're on your last pages of your thesis
Kush Minister
Kush Minister Пре 21 дан
i cant believe trick fell for that lmao
kara Пре 21 дан
just witnessed a neeko player ask to be called daddy
Alessandro Pandolfi
Alessandro Pandolfi Пре 21 дан
4:10 me when i eat those vitamine gummy bears
Ilir Gjepali
Ilir Gjepali Пре 21 дан
00:39 when you enter the wrong alley
saffd Пре 21 дан
4:09 when your gf wants round 2
Tuta Пре 21 дан
4:09 Kyle after drinking his first monster energy drink
Aidi's Games
Aidi's Games Пре 21 дан
4:52 when you remember that your friend didn't return your pen that you borrowed him
Derbashi. Пре 21 дан
Could anyone tell me what the beat Tyler1 is freestyling on is?
killerloke Пре 21 дан
00:44 POV: The fish looking back at you from the fish tank
Martin Ivanov
Martin Ivanov Пре 21 дан
4:09 11 years old me when mum finally bought me a Monster energy drink
Hannes Leveque
Hannes Leveque Пре 21 дан
7:42 when you send a nude to the wrong one
Erik P
Erik P Пре 21 дан
4:03 when your mom asks you what u wanna drink at the supermarket
Inglorion Пре 21 дан
Karasmai full cringe my god
Vivo Пре 21 дан
my 13 year old me when goku asks me for help: 4:09
Cat Assassin
Cat Assassin Пре 21 дан
4:08 My personal trainer trying to motivate me
Bálint Maczky
Bálint Maczky Пре 21 дан
7:45 when I broke something while I'm at my friends house.
Adam Poppie
Adam Poppie Пре 21 дан
Sorry for all you T1 fanboys but I hate how he gets so cocky after a double kill. Like bruh you were playing Quinn
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